County Commission  
Meetings held Monday & Friday 8:30AM-NOON

Presiding Commissioner - Les Cardwell

Eastern District Commissioner - Ronnie Leckbee

Western District Commissioner - Luther Green

Phone: 660-397-2688

Fax: 660-397-2642

Commission Agendas  
January 2-6
Monday- Closed in observance of New Year's
Friday- 9 am Bill Whiles
Jan 9-13
Monday- 8:30-11 am Budget preparation
11 am Jen Eldrige, Knox Co Extension Council
Friday- 8:30-10am Budget preparation
10 am Bid Opening for Co Barn Roof
Jan 16-20
Monday- 8:30-9:30 am Budget preparation
9:30 a.m. Notice of Closed Session (RSMo 610.021) is hereby given that the Knox County Commission will conduct an open meeting, as state above, in the County Commissionersí Office. The tentative agenda of this meeting includes a vote to close part of this meeting pursuant to the Missouri Sunshine Law (RSMo 610.021.3) to discuss salary & payroll of non-elected county employees. Following conclusion of closed session: Budget preparation continues
East door of courthouse will be unlocked for public access.
Friday- 10 am Knox County Budget Hearing
News Bulletin: The County Budget Hearing scheduled for Friday, January 20th at 10 am has been postponed to Monday, January 23 at 10 am.
Jan 23-27
Monday- A. Sever Lakes: Discussion of plan, goals, procedures
B. John Watts mowing contract extension
C. Emergency Management Director: Pay, expectations, responsibilities
D. 10 am Knox County Budget Hearing
E. Pups for Rock Trucks
F. Heat/Lights for Co Barn
G. 11 am Zoom meeting with Missouri Association of Counties
Friday- nothing scheduled
Anita James
Phone: 660-397-4002
Fax: 660-397-2672

Circuit Clerk  
Kimberly Hatfield
Phone: 660-397-2305
Fax: 660-397-3331


Associate Division  
Judge Tom Redington
Brent Karhoff
Phone: 660-397-2349
Fax: 660-397-3331

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County Clerk  
Marlene Spory
660-397-2184 - Fax: 660-397-2642
Prosecuting Attorney  
Andrew Boster
107 N 4th St. Ste B
Edina, MO 63537
Phone: 660-397-2658 Fax: 660-397-2666


***Please note: The Prosecutor's office has a new email, phone and fax numbers. Also, our office is now located in the Knox County Courthouse.

County Recorder  
Audrey Hamlin
Phone: 660-397-4005 Fax: 660-397-2671


Donnie Davis

phone: 660-397-3364

fax: 660-397-3331


Alan Rimer

Phone: 660-216-2220

Fax: 660-397-2234


Public Administrator  
Theresa L.Hamlin
PO Box 206
Edina, MO 63537
Phone: 660-341-8272
Fax: 660-397-2234
Allen Gudehus
Phone: 660-397-2186
Fax: 660-397-3432